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Idris is a Moroccan tour guide with a desire to share the love for his home country with visitors. He is multilingual and strives in ensuring that everyone enjoys an authentic experience. His extensive knowledge of Morocco's culture, history, and geography paired with his friendly demeanor, makes him an excellent guide. 

Stephanie is passionate about traveling on foot, by car, or on motorcycle. With over a decade of riding experience, she has covered the US, Canada, and even graced the covers of two BMW MOA magazines. As a natural leader, she creates efficient itineraries that take into consideration your interests and capabilities to ensure you have a seamless experience. She is thrilled to join you on your adventure to Morocco! 

Arthur is a tour guide who has explored numerous countries throughout his career. His passion for travel has allowed him to create a unique lifestyle that involves interacting with fellow adventure seekers. With him, you can rest assured that you are in good hands, as his fearless spirit and willingness to explore new territories have made him a confident and reliable guide.

Michelle is a true adventurer and a people person. Having explored destinations all over the world, Michelle has a unique perspective on the joys and challenges of travel. Whether she's organizing events, giving advice to visitors, or driving a chase vehicle, she does her job with passion which makes her an ideal companion for any journey.


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